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    State of the art Flushing Service (Not available anywhere else in Ireland)

    Certified Hose Assembly Cleanliness
    Designers and operators of hydraulic equipment agree that about 75% of hydraulic system failures occur as a direct result of contamination. The cost of such contamination can be astronomic. Not only will it be often necessary to replace the most expensive component parts but the disruption, downtime costs and labour charges can be incalculable. Therefore it is essential to ensure that all aspects of the hydraulic circuitry are immaculately clean.

    At Kestrel Hydraulics we take hose assembly cleanliness very seriously and because of that we have installed a “state of the art” Hose Assembly Flushing Rig combined with a Laser Particle Counter.

    Hydraulic hoses can be flushed to a very high standard of cleanliness and certified to a Nas and/or ISO standard.

    •    Preset oil flows are selected for each hose bore size. Settings are calculated to create turbulent flow through each hose to be flushed (higher than Reynolds No 2320). During the flushing process the oil is passed through a bank of 4 filters. The oil cleanliness levels are displayed and recorded on a laser particle counter.
    •    A detailed “bus ticket” is provided by the particle counter for each flush cycle.
    •    Hose assemblies flushed on a continuous cycle will show progressive cleanliness until the preset or desired level of cleanliness is achieved.
    •    Certified to Nas 1638 and ISO 4406 Standards.
    •    Individual hose assemblies with a dedicated Test Reference Number, Time and Date.
    •    Immediately after flushing assemblies are drained, capped/plugged and can be individually sealed in polythene sleeves.
    •    Test certificates are produced and test information can be uploaded onto computer for future reference and traceability.